Kacey (a.k.a. Cotton)

Hi Everybody,

I just wanted to update you on my new home, I love it.  My new family re-named me Kacey, and have taken very good care of me.  Since I left you, I have learned that treats are really good.  If you sit long enough, someone will always give you one.  There are toys at my new home, a stuffed chicken and purple ball are my favorites.  I get to chew on bones and rawhide, I just love that.  My mom takes me running in the mornings, and I just can’t wait.  That walk and getting to wake-up Cassidy, who is 9, are my favorite parts of the morning.  There is even a couch that is just mine, how cool is that.  I get to snuggle right up to Mom and Dad, and no one shoes me off.

Guess what, I just graduated from Intermediate Training Class!!! Mom and the trainer say that I have made such progress.  I still get real scared though, just not quite like when I first came here.  Dad and I are getting to know each other, he still scares me some.  Mom says that he is ok, but I just don’t know.  He does give the best treats . . . I think I will give him another try.  Oh yeah, I also have a new dog friend named Boomer.  We run, jump and play until we are all pooped out. 

 I have learned so much in the 3 months since they brought me home.  I go potty in the backyard, not in the house.  I know the words, crate, sit, down, wait, stay and settle (learned all that in class).  I have learned how to go up and down stairs, and in and out doors.  I learned that inside was much better than out, too hot these days.  I have learned that I can eat and know one will take it from me.  And the best thing is the bowl is filled everyday without fail J  My “T” faded and my coat is starting to become full. 

Thank you so much for rescuing me and finding me such a great home.  Mom says I still have some things to work on, I am going to try real hard to stay around here.  I really like it.


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