Hanover Humane Visits Martial Arts World in Ashland

On July 21, 2015, Chip, a former Hanover Humane Society pup, visited with the young Campers at the Martial Arts World in the Ashland-Hanover Shopping Center.  During the visit, the Camp attendees heard Chip’s story of how he and his family made their way to  Hanover Humane.  They also learned about the Hanover Humane Society’s animal adoption, education, and prevention programs as well as the many activities that the organization undertakes in the Richmond, Virginia metropolitan area.  After a brief presentation, the young Campers were able to handle Chip and feed him his favorite treats:  carob chips and cheerios!  To show their appreciation for the visit, the young Campers presented Chip with various donations for the animals in Hanover Humane’s Adoption Program.

Instructor Susan (left) and Instructor Mia (right) holding “Chip”

Instructor Susan (left) and Instructor Mia (right) holding “Chip”

The Hanover Humane Society is a 501( c) 3 non-profit entity located at 12190 Washington Highway in Ashland, Virginia.  The Hanover Humane Society provides animal adoption, education, and prevention services for residents in Hanover County, Virginia and the surrounding counties.

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