Thanks for letting us adopt Baylee (a.k.a. Chloe).  She is a great addition to our family.  As you can see from the photos, she is fitting into the family nicely.  Baylee is enjoying life with us and the comfort of the couch.  Tank is enjoying his new friend and is showing her the ropes.  They both like to go outside and chase each other and then come inside and chase each other some more.  We are looking forward to the summer to see how she likes the water at our place in Northern Neck Virginia.  Hopefully, she will enjoy it as much as Tank does.  Baylee is a well-behaved dog and is a good listener.  She is also very loving to all her meet her. Thanks again for a terrific dog!

Jim and Pam Neuens
Baylee_and_Tanker_2010_013Baylee_and_Tanker_2010_010Baylee_and_Tanker_2010_024Baylee_and_Tanker_2010_032 Baylee_and_Tanker_2010_018Baylee_and_Tanker_2010_022Baylee_and_Tanker_2010_031Baylee_and_Tanker_2010_034
Hello Everyone,

Here are some recent photos of Baylee.  She’s not quite sure about the water but we willl continue to work with her to see if her Lab instincts kick in.We didn’t get a chance to see if she likes boat rides as it was a little too windy out this past weekend. Baylee’s main interests are squirrels and rabbits and loves her walks.  When I took her in to get her Lyme vaccination, she weighed 63 pounds. So Baylee is doing great and she is loved by all her know and meet her.

Take care,
Pam and Jim
Baylee_Tanker_039Baylee_Tanker_041 Baylee_Tanker_047Baylee_Tanker_043Baylee_Tanker_045

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