Community Service

Need Community Service Hours for School? Help Homeless Animals!

The following is a list of examples of ways you can improve the lives of homeless animals. Due to our insurance, we can not allow volunteers under the age of 16 to volunteer at Petsmart or under the age of 18 at our facility. That doesn’t mean you can’t help and make a difference!

  • Collect Donations / Organize a Donation Drive – Collect items from our donation wish list for animals at our facility and in foster care. These animals often must spend several days to several weeks in our care; items such as toys and blankets make their stay more comfortable. You can decorate a bin and ask to place it in a public area as a drop off point or design signs to put up at school or your parent’s place of employment.
  • Bake Biscuits for the Dogs and Cats – We can provide you with the recipes.
  • Hold a Bake Sale or a Lemonade Stand – Choose a public place (make sure you get approval) and sell home baked goodies. The money you raise will be used for our programs!
  • Coins for Critters – Organize a campaign in your school or church for everyone to bring in their loose change. We will come and speak about our programs, dog bite prevention, caring for animals, and can arrange to bring an animal with us. Offer a pizza party to the class or age group that collects the most!
  • Car Wash for Critters – Organize a car wash where the funds will be used for homeless animals! You can work on obtaining a location (we may be able to help you here), making signs, and advertise! We can make arrangements to bring an animal to your event to thank people for supporting our organization.
  • Picnic tables and Outdoor Furniture – We are in need of picnic tables and outdoor seating for our facility. If you have a group who can make picnic tables this is a great group project. You can also approach retailers about donating outdoor furniture to our organization. This seating will be used for our Critter Camps by children and adults.
  • Inform People About an Animal Related Issue – Choose an issue that affects animals (such as the importance of spaying/neutering or the problems with chaining dogs) and inform you friends, family, classmates, and/or neighbors about how they can help. Make signs, pass out handouts, speak at your church or school, show a movie that tells about the subject at a public place . . . there are so many ways to get the word out!
  • Pet First Aid Kits – Work at our facility to assemble pet first aid kits. We also need help getting materials donated to place in these kits.

To receive community service hours:

  • complete a Volunteer Application for Volunteer Hours
  • have the application approved by the Volunteer Coordinator
  • after completion of your work return with a description of what you did with a log of your hours and any form requiring final sign off.