It took some time and the right adopter, but our little Sheba has a wonderful forever home!  Our petite Sheba and her feline companion, Baby, came to us some time ago; their owners were getting displaced from their rental property.  Sheba, Baby, and Baby’s kittens found themselves homeless!  The couple was going to move and leave the felines in the home, but, luckily, our volunteer, Mindy, intervened and took all seven of the felines.  Ultimately, the felines were relocated to various foster homes, and the adults were placed in both the Mechanicsville and Virginia Center Commons Petsmarts.

Sheba caught the attention of a prospective adopter and her husband.  They recently had lost a feline to terminal cancer and were considering getting a companion for their resident cat, Bogey.  Our little Sheba caught their eye, and she ultimately found herself the best “forever” home.

According to her new owner, Beth, Sheba seemed fairly well-adjusted when she entered her new home and showed her propensity for jumping!  The downstairs office was her “home base” initially, and then she began to explore other parts of her new home.  After only a few weeks, Sheba and her new companion, Bogey, have an understanding, and things seem to be going well.  Sheba continues to stay near the office while her owner is working…..

She is pictured here with Alex, her new junior owner.  Many thanks for the volunteers who made this rehoming effort a success!









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