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Never a Silent Night at Hanover Humane Society

There’s never a silent night at the Hanover Humane Society. While some shelters try to empty their kennels with temporary holiday foster homes for the holidays, Hanover Humane Society enjoys the music of barking dogs 365 days a year. Maybe these dogs are singing for joy that they are loved and cared for in a place that for some of them has actually become home!

Hanover Humane Society is a “no-kill” shelter–one of many in Virginia and across the country that commit to forever care of an animal once it comes into its custody.  Hanover Humane Society, without judgment of other shelters’ policies, keeps animals in its care for the life of the animal, and although they never stop hoping the right family will come long for each animal, it isn’t a bad life at all.

Meet Dazzle and Kallie Sue. These two ladies have lived most of their lives at the HHS kennel. They are available for adoption but for various reasons have not found a home outside the kennel.  It could be that they will be among the few who will call the kennel their forever home.

Dazzle, is a beautiful 12-year-old shepherd mix who was born in August of 2004. She came to the kennel from Richmond Animal Care and Control as a 6-month-old stray who had been hit by a car. She had an injured leg, which healed well over time in a foster home. She stayed in foster care for four years before being returned to the kennel when her foster mom could no longer keep her. Because she’s big and strong and doesn’t much like other animals, she has been passed over by many families. She is a loving dog with people and as she slows down in her senior years would make a wonderful companion for the right person.  For now, though, she’s very happy getting her daily walks with volunteers whom she repays with big slobbery kisses!

Kallie Sue, the snow white pit-bull, also born in August of 2004 lived with Dazzle in foster care for those same four years. Kallie was born completely deaf, a condition people are reluctant to take on. But never believe the adage that you can’t teach old dogs new tricks!   Over the last couple of years a volunteer has worked with Kallie to teach her sign language! She’s very smart and has picked up signs right away. Kallie is very affectionate and would like to be a big silly lap dog. She’s selective about other dog friends, but could very likely do well with a dog playmate in the house. – as long as there’s a nice tall fence. You see Kallie can jump very high and once she’s gone she can’t hear her name being called to come back!!

So why, when it seems there isn’t hope for adoption, do the people at Hanover Humane keep working to find homes for these seemingly unwanted dogs?  Just meet  Sam, Kia, Champion and Tiny!     All four of these wonderful dogs spent a very long time at the kennel and all four now have their forever homes, with just the right fit.   

Help Hanover Humane this holiday season by considering adoption or making a charitable donation to provide continued care for the animals in Hanover  Humane’s Adoption Program.     For information on adoptable animals at the Hanover Humane Society visit the kennel on US 1 in Ashland,  go to or email

The Hanover Humane Society is a 501(c ) 3 non-profit entity established to promote humane treatment of animals.  Established over 29 years ago, Hanover Humane continues with its mission to help homeless cats and dogs by providing veterinary care, food, and shelter until forever homes may be found.

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