I wanted to check in and let you know that Molly is doing good. She had no problem getting used to her new home and her new big brother, Kuma. They play with each other and Kuma is very tolerant of her climbing on him and taking toys from him. He sometimes gets irritated with the little sister, but is very gentle and just walks away when he is tired of her licking his face. They will nap together and play for hours on end. She loves to lay on him. One night when we were getting ready for bed, she took her favorite stuffed toy and went and laid down in Kuma’s bed. It was like, ‘ok, I am ready for bed and I will sleep with Kuma tonight.’ It was very cute….

Molly is learning how to sit, stay and lay down. She is also learning how to walk on the leash. She loves treats, especially carrots and ice. She has met most of the family, but will be meeting some of the nieces and nephews this week. We are trying to get her socialized by getting her around more people and kids. She is nervous at first, but she starts to warm up once she gets used to them.
She is very cute and is a great match for Kuma. I noticed that Megan wasn’t on the Web site anymore, I hope that means she has a new home as well. Thank you for all of your help, and we are happy to have Molly as a new member of our family. I have attached a few pictures for you. 

Thank you!
Beth Singer

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