Hi there, Hanna is doing great – she has also taken to the indoor life quite well, and is very fond of her stuffed toys, has frequent ‘puppy quakes’ as we call them, where she tears around the house with her toys playing like a puppy. 



She has been walking with me about 4 times a week 1-2 miles, took a while to get adjusted to the walking thing as she was terrified of the lawn mowers and any odd noises, but she is doing so much better, having Jo work with us with the pinch collar really helped, she is on a regular collar now.  She loves playing with other dogs, we spend a lot of time with Scott’s sister who has an 8 year old lab, and they get along great.  She is still working on the house training…again, doing better, but still a few accidents. 







She is a sweet girl, loves the kids, and is still obsessed with the cat (see pictures I attached…really quite funny), who has decided that Hanna is ok, and the cat chases the dog around the house.  We are so happy to have her in the family.  So glad her puppy is doing well – hard to believe she had puppies as she seems so young herself!  Thanks for checking on her.

Jennifer Brown





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