Linda, I saw the section of your website that has updates on the dogs that have been adopted from you, so I thought I would let you know how Clair (we call her Clara now) is doing. It’s hard to believe that she’s only been part of our family for just over 2 months, because she just fits in so well! We are so grateful to have been able to add her to our family. Clara is so friendly and sweet, and loves being around people. It can be quite a challenge to keep her under control when guests come over! Especially when the weather’s nice, she really time she managed to dig out under the fence, but then she just sat right outside the fence barking until I went out to bring her back in! We were amazed (and quite relieved) that she didn’t wander off. We figured she must feel that this is where she belongs.




Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to adopt Clara. She has been such a wonderful addition to our home. Here are a few pictures you might enjoy. The first picture is from a week or so after we brought her home, and she decided to drag her bed out into the kitchen while we were eating dinner. She entertained us for quite a while dragging it all over the kitchen and playing with it!

Katie and Tim Noel

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