On Jan. 1’st 2004 we brought home a little beagle named Cash. We knew he had a rough first 2 years of his life because his wonderful safehouser named Linda had rescued Cash from the pound weighing only 9 IBS. He was practically starved to death. He also had to undergo treatment for heartworms when we met Cash, but we knew he was sweet. Linda told us how loving he was and how he would make a wonderful companion for our eight year old son.
We brought Cash to live in our home and he was truly amazing. The first few hours he was nervous. He got his first bath which was quite a scary experience for the little guy, but we knew he felt better. Then he just wanted to lay with our son and wouldn’t leave his side.

The next day he was definitely home. We have five children and he seemed to not mind the loud new Christmas toys. He loves the kids playing with him, even the 18 month old who rolls all over him. It was great. He seemed to love everything. He took real quickly to a warm sofa and bed. He always wants to be near a warm person and just snuggle.

Our biggest concern was potty training as Cash had probably never been in a warm home. With Cash that wasn’t a big problem. He scratched to let us know he needed to go out and refuses to go out if he doesn’t need to. It seems the outside is not a place he wants to be anymore except for the necessary quick trips. His first time being alone was for five hours. We let him run free. We were kind of nervous about it, but when we came home no, damage or accidents. Wow! Amazing, that’s what we think of Cash, he’s just amazing.

I hope people will realize that adopting an older dog and a dog who has had maybe a sad background is not a pet to give up on. Everyday when I look in Cash’s eyes I know he is grateful for where he is now. He is full of love and brings us so much joy. What we would have missed out on if no one had seen this helpless beagle at the pound.


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