…I can testify Linda Wickham knows a winning pooch when she sees one….Last June, Linda picked up a long black haired mutt from the side of the road— to bury him. To her surprise, he was still alive and with considerable medical care, and lots of love and attention, he survived. Eight months later, I adopted him to be the new “buddy” for my 12 year old Sadie who lost her lifetime sidekick, Suzie, to an acute illness a month earlier. Our “Buddy” continues to blossom and strut his stuff. He is soooo sweet!!! This spring there’s a new, well beaten path from my back door to the back fence where he races many times daily to converse with the neighbors’ yappy mutts. I don’t think he’s particularly fond of them, but it’s certainly an essential part of his new life.

One day not long ago, I was having some roof work done. I thought I’d save the workers’ efforts of having to make sure gates stayed closed by keeping the dogs in the house. After all, it was a chilly day and they’d already been out for few hours (one of those rare days I’d been up since around 5. It was 8:30a.m. and I was ready to go to work.) So, I close the pet door….Oh my goodness!! To hear Buddy carry on, you’d thought I was tormenting him! He had a fit digging, pawing, gnawing and barking at the closed pet door space. I’d say to him, “just for today.” He’d follow me back into the house. Two minutes later, he’d be back at the door having same fit. Sadie would look at me as if saying, “gonna be a long day.” Needless to say, he won. So much for the idea of a day inside for Buddy … unless I’m considering a new door…

Less than 2 months after this senior’s adoption, he was at home sleeping on my bed…Sadie at the foot and he on the pillow beside me. He’s been spotted napping there during daylight hours too. When I’m home, especially if I’m at computer, like now, rest assured he’s here within a foot of my chair. I’ve yet to witness any discord between the two senior mutts. You’d think the couple have been living together forever. They’re not necessarily in constant view of each other, but they will nap beside each other for hours and are often spotted frolicking together. Buddy is beginning to act excited about treats. He’ll still take a whole treat outside, but will eat a half treat while wagging his tale with modest enthusiasm.

It’s heart wrenching to think this precious creature was earlier on death’s doorstep; and one kind soul cared enough to pick him up–dead or alive. But thank goodness Hanover Humane Society’s Linda Wickham did just that. She gave him a second chance. He’s been ever so grateful!!! His obvious love and boundless enthusiasm for life is ever so inspiring!!!

THANK YOU LINDA!!!! AND hats off to our mutual friend MARY JO for the referral!!!

Anita Conner
Live well, laugh often, love much and adopt a senior mutt.



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