Adoption Application


  • The volunteers with Hanover Humane Society are committed to finding permanent, responsible, and loving homes for the animals in its Adoptions Program. Adoption decisions are based on (1) the pet’s temperament and needs as well as (2) the applicant’s experience, family, lifestyle, personal references, yard, housing situation, employment, veterinary history and additional factors.

    Hanover Humane’s Goal is to place the animal in a home where it will be safe and well maintained. Multiple applications will be accepted for the same animal, and the Committee will work to determine the best fit for the animal basIs on the animal’s needs and activity level, resident pets, etc.

    The application process may take up to 7 days once the application has been submitted and a formal application acknowledgment has been sent by the Committee to the applicant. During this time, all references will be reviewed, a home visit may be requested, and follow-up communication may be required. To expedite the screening process, communication by email is preferred.

    Please note that each completed Adoption Application is Animal-specific. Please complete all data fields below and respond to all questions on the application. Failure to provide a response to any question may be deemed an incomplete submission, and the Adoptions Committee may not continue with the review of your application.

    While the Hanover Humane Society has tried to make the on-line application compatible with mobile platforms there may be submission issues when using smart phones or tablet computers. We recommend using a desktop computer for the submission of the application to avoid communication issues

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Personal and Residential Information


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Other Pets

  • You are required to provide additional information. Please select how many pets (even if deceased) have been in your home within the past 5 years and provide information on the forms below
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Verification & Signature

  • By signing below, I confirm that all the information provided on this application is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge. I authorize verification of all information shown on this application with veterinarians, personal references, landlords and other sources as applicable. I understand that veterinary history will be checked to determine an overall pattern of care and pet maintenance for current (and prior) pets.

    I understand that once this application is submitted, I will receive a formal application acknowledgment from Hanover Humane’s Adoption Committee sent to the email address entered on the application. I will be notified within 7 days from the issuance of the application acknowledgment should the Adoptions Committee decide to adopt this animal to me. I understand that, if I do not hear from the Adoptions Committee within the 7 day period, I should assume that an alternate placement has been determined for the animal.

    Should the placement not occur, to protect the integrity of the application review process and to assure truthful responses on applications from other parties, I understand that the Adoptions Committee will not share the reason(s) for not placing the animal in my home with me.