Promoting adoption is the Hanover Humane Society’s NUMBER ONE focus. Just like a matchmaker, by placing the right pets with the right people, we improve the lives of both! Of course, the pet is given the chance to have a life that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. But the adoptive family also gains a lot: a new member with enough love (and energy) for everybody!!

The Adoption Process:

To begin the review process, please complete our adoption application on our website. To be considered a valid submission, the name of the animal which interests you must be included on the application.  Our adoption applications are animal-specific so the entry of “any dog” or “any cat” applications will not be considered a valid application and will not be reviewed.

In addition, all other required data elements appearing on the adoption application must also be completed for the application to be considered valid. The applicant must agree to the terms and conditions of Hanover Humane’s adoption process, and the application must be signed and dated. Applications which are not signed and/or are missing information will be considered an invalid submission.  Applicants must be 18 years of age, and the applicant may be required to provide proof of identification, such as a driver’s license. Once the application has been submitted to Hanover Humane and you have met/handled the animal, you will receive an application acknowledgment from the Adoptions Committee. This acknowledgment will be sent to you at the email address you provide in your application. It will outline data related to the adoption application review process. It will also provide the date that you will be notified by if the animal is to be adopted to your home, should a placement occur.

Frequently, we receive multiple applications for the same animal. PLEASE NOTE that we will review ALL applications to determine which home will best fit the animal’s needs, as applicable.  Since each animal is unique and has its own personality, needs, likes, dislikes, etc., our goal is to find the home best-suited for that particular animal. During the review process, our volunteers will work to find the best fit between the animal and all prospective homes. This will extend to reviewing the veterinary care/vaccines, etc. for animals living in the home that are not the property of the applicant but may belong to a family member, roommate, etc.

Once submitted, adoption applications become the documentation of Hanover Humane. Our Adoptions Committee is comprised of volunteers, many of whom work.  While we know you’re eager about an adoption request, please be aware that many of all our volunteers have full-time jobs, families, and other commitments.  Because of these obligations, they’ll do their best to review your adoption application within ten calendar days.

PLEASE NOTE that our kennel staff members, Petsmart volunteers, and Petsmart’s employees are not part of the Adoptions Committee and, as such, are unable to respond to adoption related inquiries by phone or in person.

Should you be selected as the new home for one of our animals, our volunteers will telephone you within the fourteen day period. Please understand that our volunteers aren’t always available to respond to emails or phone calls. Should you not receive a telephone call from our volunteers regarding an adoption placement within 14 days, you may assume that we’ve found an alternate placement for the animal.

Please be aware that the review of an adoption application involves, contacting past or current veterinarian(s), leasing agents, employers, personal references, as applicable, and may also involve a home visit. In addition, the applicant must be employed/be able to demonstrate sufficient resources to financially provide for the animal under consideration.

Our goal is to place the animals from our program in a home which is appropriate based on the animal’s needs, temperament, where it will reside, etc. as well as the applicant’s history, experience, family, lifestyle, yard, housing situation, employment, other animals (owned by the applicant, family members, and/or roommates), etc. which affect the long-term health and safety of the animal under consideration. In addition, there may be other considerations which are animal-specific that will impact the animal’s placement such as the animal’s energy level and need for fencing, whether the animal has been socialized with small children and/or other animals, etc. For a variety of reasons, Hanover Humane Society seeks forever homes for its adoptable animals in counties bordering on Hanover County, Virginia.

Annual Veterinary Care:

Generally, to establish a pattern of annual veterinary care, we will ask your vet if previously/currently owned cats and dogs 1) are spayed or neutered, 2) have been seen on a yearly basis by your veterinarian, 3) have received yearly distemper and rabies vaccines, 4) have received medical care as warranted by the veterinarian, 5) (dogs) are CONSISTENTLY kept on monthly heartworm preventative year-round, 6)(dogs) are CONSISTENTLY heartworm-tested as outlined by your vet, 7) (cats) have been tested for feline leukemia/aids with negative results on both elements, and 8) (cats and dogs) are CURRENT on rabies and distemper vaccines. Please note that in cases of where family members, rooommates, etc. own cats and dogs, reviewing the veterinary care/vaccines/testing on those animals will be handled as part of the primary applicant’s application review process as well.

Rental Property:

If renting property, we’ll contact your leasing agent to ensure that pets are allowed on the property, breed/weight restrictions are met (as applicable), and that any security deposit fees/additional fees have been paid, if applicable. Owner information (name and contact number) for leased property will need to be provided on your application.  Failure to provide this information will constitute an incomplete application.

Personal References:

As part of the application review process, we will also contact at least two personal references; we reserve the right to request additional personal references, howeveer. These personal references may be friends, co-workers, etc. and should not be family members.  Failure to provide this information may constitute an incomplete application.

Home Visit:

We reserve the right to conduct a home visit as well as schedule a meet-and-greet with any current pets to ensure compatibility prior to reviewing an application and deciding on an adoption placement. We may also ask to meet other members of your household who may be responsible for interacting with the animal.

Please note that all adoption placements are made collaboratively by the members of the Adoptions Committee.  At the conclusion of the review process, you will be contacted by the Adoptions Committee by phone ONLY IF you are selected as the new home for one of our animals. If the animal you are seeking to adopt is not placed in your home for whatever reason, please note it is our policy to NOT review adoption applications submitted by other members of your household for that animal.

If you are selected to provide a home for one of our animals:

If you are selected as the new home for one of our animals, you will be asked to sign a contract.  Adoption fees start at $150 for dogs and $85 for cats.  Occasionally, depending on breed, medical issues, etc. the adoption fee may be higher for a specific animal.  We accept cash, checks made payable to “Hanover Humane,” and Visa/Mastercard/Discover.   Please note that Visa/Mastercard/Discover transactions are only available to adopters finalizing their adoption at our facility in Ashland. (Since we don’t have electronic payment processing capabilities offsite, credit/debit payment options are not available to adopters finalizing adoptions from our Petsmart Adoption Center.)

All medical records for the animal you are adopting will be given to you at the time of adoption.  All of our animals are fully vaccinated, microchipped, have been spayed or neutered, have tested negative/negative for feline leukemia/aids (cats) or heartworms (dogs)/are on heartworm preventative, and have been issued free pet insurance for thirty (30) days. The microchip is registered to the animal’s new owner at the time of adoption based on the information provided to Hanover Humane as part of the adoption process. The new owner is responsible for acknowledging data to the Company post-adoption to activate the free pet insurance and validate the microchip registration.

A certificate for a free veterinary wellness examination with one of our participating veterinarians will be included as part of your contract.  We encourage you to take your new pet to one of our participating vets within the first week to give you peace of mind. It will also establish the animal’s medical records at the vet’s office.

Above all, throughout the review process, we ask your patience and understanding. Please remember that all the personnel that work with our adoptions are volunteers. As a result, many of our adoptions volunteers are generally not available by email or phone to handle your inquiries. We know you may be eager to add a new pet to your household, and we’ll understand if you want to adopt from another organization rather than wait the seven (7) calendar days it may take us to review your application.

Dog Stand

We hold adoption stand at our facility on Saturday from 9a.m. to 12p.m. and schedule meet-n-greets by appointment only. Generally, we hold adoption stand at the Petsmart at Virginia Center Commons from 12noon-3p on the first and third Saturday of each month, weather permitting.    If you are planning to visit us at Stand, please check our Facebook page for scheduling information/changes.

Cat Stand

Generally, our cat adoption stands are held at the Petsmart at Virginia Center Commons each Saturday from 12noon-3pm. In addition, our cats are housed at this location for you to view during store hours. Generally, we hold a Cat Adoption Stand at the Ashland Petco on the Second Saturday of each month. Meet-n-greets may be scheduled at other times by emailing Hanover Humane.

To meet one of our animals, please visit with volunteers during Stand hours. Please note that Center cleaning volunteers and and Petsmart employees do not show Adoption Center residents to the general public.