Abigail Padgett

Happt 9th Birthday Abigail!

Recently, Abigail Padgett celebrated her 9th birthday with family and friends and honored Hanover Human’es furry people!  In lieu of gifts, Abigail, a pet owner herself, asked that she be given items for the animals with Hanover Humane.  Friends, family, etc. visited Hanover Humane’s web site for the “Wish List” of items brought gift bags bearing the pet-related items to Abigail’s birthday party.   As a result, Abigail was able to present Hanover Humane with many bags of dog and cat food, cleaning supplies, toys, leashes, kitty litter, etc. which will be used for all Hanover Humane’s foster animals.   In addition, Abigail received a number of cash donations which she provided to Hanover Humane.   Abigail and her family hope to volunteer with Hanover Humane so they can help the animals further.

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